Tools You Must Have in Your Car to Fix Minor Problems

Tools You Must Have in Your Car to Fix Minor Problems

When it comes to minor Audi service in Dubai, you can never be too prepared. You must have several tools in your car, from coil spring compressors to an OBD2 scanner. Even duct tape will help if you need to re-attach a blown tire. Here are some tools you must keep in your car to avoid costly repairs. These tools will also make a world of difference if you experience any problems with your car.

Coil spring compressors:

To compress coil springs, a compressor is the best option. This tool can easily compress a coil spring and is available in both air and internal versions. However, when using an external type, you must ensure that the coil spring you’re working on fits into the compressor’s safe opening metric. To ensure this, you need to carefully measure the length and width of the coil spring before you start compressing it. To avoid problems such as slipping, it is essential to load the compressor on the opposite side of the coil spring.

OBD2 scanner:

If you’re unsure about the best OBD2 scanner for your car, you can start by learning how it works. A device is a digital tool that records DTC and error codes on the car’s computer. Usually, the manufacturer’s manual only lists basic DTC codes, but you can also find supplemental codes for certain vehicle models online. The first thing you’ll want to do when installing an OBD2 scanner is unplugging it carefully. OBD-II scanners contain delicate 16-pin connectors, and pushing too hard can bend the pins and even crack the plastic plug.

Torque wrench:

A torque wrench is an indispensable tool, especially if you are performing work on major components of your car. Even a minor mishandling can result in expensive damage, including cracked manifolds or catastrophic coolant loss. Torque specs are included in most service manuals, and you must know how to use one properly. Torque force is measured in pound-feet, newton-meters, or meter-kilograms.

Duct tape:

Besides repairing cracked windows, duct tape can be used to secure loose or broken car parts. You can also use it to secure things such as your spare keys, trailer hitch latch, and hood and trunk lid. Lastly, duct tape is a great temporary solution for many car troubles. Its versatility makes it a useful tool in the car, no matter how much you hate to use it.