Sofá Café Voted #3 favorite Framingham Downtown Business

Sofá Café Voted #3 favorite Framingham Downtown Business

Downtown Framingham Inc., a non-profit organization which mission is to revitalize Framingham Downtown, conducted a research with 800 residents. See link and article here.

Over the past two months, a sample of nearly 800 residents received surveys seeking answers about life in Lokerville.   The survey asked about safety, neighborly interactions, patronage of downtown businesses, and walkability of this neighborhood, among other questions.  78 surveys were completed, and more than 80 percent of the respondents indicated that they both enjoy and feel safe in this community.  The Lokerville Lookouts named Jack’s Abby and Pho Dakao the top two downtown businesses, respectively, with Sofá Café earning third place.

Sofá Café opened in downtown Framingham in 2017, and we are really happy and honored to be voted#3 favorite business in Downtown Framingham.

Thank you all who voted for us, we hope to continue to earn your business in the future!

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