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Recently, Sofá Café was featured at as 1 out of 5 Fine Coffee Bars in São Paulo, Brazil.

Here’s from the article, by Paulo Pedroso:

Coffee Lab’s influence over the years has extended to new coffee shops using its beans. Forest engineer and coffee lover Diego Gonzales first learned about coffee with Isabela Raposeiras, and in 2013, he founded Sofá Café, a cozy and inviting coffee shop with plenty of comfortable sofas. This is the atmosphere that Gonzales likes to offer: a home outside of home. After importing some professionals from Coffee Lab, Sofa began roasting and gradually developed its own style—they roast a touch lighter at Sofá, drawing direct inspiration from leading roasters in Scandinavia.

The offerings at Sofá are much like you’d find in a contemporary cafe in London or Los Angeles. Think carefully pulled espressos, filtered brews via AeroPress and Hario pour-over, and cold brew. At present, the roaster Regina Machado is sourcing beans from the regions of Cerrado Mineiro, Matas de Minas, Espirito Santo, and the west of Bahia. Here in Brazil, where legislature does not allow imports of unroasted coffee from other countries, progressive roasters like Sofá must look inwards towards the best of what the country has to offer. This means collaborating with small landowners and incorporating different processing methods to offer a diverse, yet entirely Brazilian menu of coffees. It’s a constraint, to be sure, but Sofá Café’s dedication to quality does not suffer one bit.

If you would like to read the full article, click here.

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