#Listeningpost Event at Sofá Café

Tomorrow starting 2pm (Monday, Dec 18th 2017)#Listeningpost at Sofá Café. This is a free event, hosted by The Gift oh Happiness. For more info check here.

This event is something they are planning to do in a regular basis, more information to follow for future events. Gift of Happiness would love to have a lot of people to talk to — and more people to listen, too! Contact them if you’d like to get involved.

About The Gift of Happiness

Anne Lafleur, MSW is a consultant and facilitator specializing in simple, practical ways to create positive social connections in families, workplaces, and communities. She has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and religious studies from Brown University, a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Boston College, and over a decade of experience working in Human Resources at MIT.

She has taught courses and workshops in both business and community settings on happiness, emotions, listening, self-accountability, giving & receiving, and more. Anne’s weekly blog revolves around themes of happiness, connection, and navigating the daily ups and downs of life and relationships.

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