Forum on Local Businesses to be held at Sofá Café

“The City We Want” is an initiative intended to give the people of Framingham a voice during the transition from town to city through a series of community forums.

All of our local business owners are invited in a discussion of the future of Framingham and its local businesses. Participants are invited to join and discuss things that work under the current form of government, things that are best left behind as we transition, and any new ideas that could be incorporated into Framingham’s new form of government.
The event will be moderated to ensure that everyone has a chance to share their ideas and their concerns, but this will be a group led discussion.

This is a public event to take place here at Sofá Cafe June 21st 2017 at 7pm.

For more information about the event check it out “The city we want” Facebook Page .

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